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Motic Scopes & Cameras
Digital Cameras for Microscopy
  • Moticam 3 & Moticam 5
  • Moticam 580
  • Motic X Wifi Camera
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Lumenera Digital Cameras
Provides sensitivity & dynamic range 
  • Infinity 2-1
  • Infinity 2-2
  • Infinity 2-3​
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LED Fluorescence Attachment
For Existing Microscopes
  • For Stereo Microscopes
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  • For Compound Microscopes
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Image-Pro Plus Software

The ultimate image analysis software package for:

  • Fluorescence imaging

  • Quality assurance

  • Materials imaging

  • And various other applications


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Canon DSLR Microscopy Camera Kit
  • Canon T5i System sensitive enough for fluorescence
  • Beautiful live image on Mac & PC - 18MP still images & high-definition video

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Motic Stereo for C. Eleagans
Motic Stereo with LED Base
  • With tilting mirror for increased contrast
  • Great for imaging C. Eleagans & other transparent specimens
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  • Accu-Scope 3001 LED advanced student scope 
  • Accu-Scope 3032 inverted microscope
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Pathscan Enabler 5
Low Power Slide Scanner for Biology Thin Section Slides
  • Slide scanner 10,000 x 10,000 DPI resolution
  • Can view entire thin section at once & zoom in on areas of interest


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ChromaCal Color Calibration Software

    For consistent presentation quality  color images 

  • no subjective adjustments required

  • faster and easier than photoshop           

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