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Motic Polarizing Microscope

Introducing the Motic BA300POL Polarizing Microscope



  • Strain-free optics — the strain-free objectives and condenser provide superb optical clarity


  • Polarizer and Analyzer — the polarizer mounts under the condenser, and the analyzer permits 360 degrees of rotation to provide extinction and other angles of alignment


  • Koehler Illumination — a field diaphragm is included to permit alignment of the condenser for optimum optical performance


  • Transmitted Light Illuminator — a bright 30W halogen light source is included with a built-in transformer and rheostat knob to control intensity


  • Compensator plates — optional tint plates, quarter wave retardation plates, and quartz wedges are available to complete advanced polarized light techniques

7571 Mariner Dr.

Maple Grove, MN 55311

Jim Schulte



  Tel: (612) 770-3885                    


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